I Am Suffering Stress At Home

I need to find a local support group

A good place to start is to look on the  Leeds Directory .

I am the victim of violence or financial, psychological or emotional abuse.

Sadly 1 in 4 women are the victims of domestic violence in their lifetimes. We understand people are often anxious to come forward to say they are the victims of abuse for fear of the abuser or fear of the repurcussions. However there are many people waiting to help you find a better future. If you think you might be the victim of abuse please talk to one of the dr's or nurses we are here to help.

If youd rather you can speak to the domestic violence and abuse team or phone the 24hour helpline on 0113 2460401. If you are the victim of abuse as a child the consequences can be felt in adulthood. It may lead to depression, anxiety, poor life choices in relationships and in your health. Its never too late to overcome this past and create a brighter future by contacting the national association for people abused as a child (NAPAC).            

Reporting incidents of domestic abuse directly to the police

West Yorkshire Police have created a simple online form to enable people to report domestic abuse directly to them and as an alternative to speaking on the phone. 

The information people provide on the form will be dealt with in the same way as any other report of domestic abuse.

Link: https://www.westyorkshire.police.uk/report-it/report-domestic-abuse

I or a family member is suffuring from drink or drug related problems

The reaons why people become addicted to drink or drugs is often complex involving an interplay of social,psychological and biological factors. The consequences are often all too predictable on their loved ones and their own physical and mental health. We are lucky in having gavin who works for Forward Leeds the drinks and drugs counselling service. He comes weekly and you can book in with him. Alternately contact  Forward Leeds directly.  You can find further help and advise on the drink aware website.

I am having housing difficulties

The dr's are often asked to do letters for problems regarding housing. Unfortunatly these letters have to be charged for and often will simply repeat what the individual tells the GP which may well be inadequate. This means people can pay for a letter that does them no good. We often direct people for advise regarding housing to the council housing solutions team. Also there are a range of services available including care and repair and help with housing issues when you have mental health problems at the Reginald Centre.

I am facing financial difficulties

The Leeds Information Centre collects all the free organsiations in Leeds who can provide help with debts, bills and benefits.

I am a refugee or asylum seeker

A comprehensive guide for refugees and asylum seekers can be found at help in leeds.com. The page can be translated to a wide range of languages. Also PAFRAS can offer support including when facing homelessness.

Adverse Childhood Events (ACE's)

It is generally understood that if youve lived a difficult childhood you can face a difficult adulthood. There is a growing understanding of the underlying nechanisms contributing to this.

A way of capturing this understanding is in the concept of ACE's. The more of these you accumulate in childhood-being the victim of abuse, living in a family blighted by drugs or alcohol abuse or seeing a acrimonious divorce, the more likley you will repeat the mistakes of your parents.

Understanding this may help you understand the reasons for your actions as the video opposite shows:

Abuse Support For Adults