Patient Charter

Our commitment to you:

  • Our aim is to provide a personal, friendly, professional and confidential service
  • We will treat all patients equally with dignity and respect
  • We aim to support patients in leading a healthier lifestyle and provide information so that an informed choice can be made
  • We aim to keep patients informed of your services, their rights and any other information which directly affects health treatment
  • We like to offer you your named GP, or GP of choice, where possible, for continuity of care
  • We will listen to you and involve you in decision making regarding your treatment options
  • We will offer access to our services in line with the patients’ assessed needs
  • We will keep abreast of advancements by attending regular training sessions and updates
  • We will monitor and improve our systems to ensure we operate as efficiently as possible within the resources available to us
  • We operate a practice complaints procedure which may be used in confidence
  • We welcome and consider all feedback from patients and make best use of our Patient Participation Group (PPG) when making decisions that effect our patients

Please help us to help you:

  • Please keep appointments made or cancel in plenty of time so another patient may benefit from the appointment
  • Only request a house call if too ill to attend the surgery
  • Follow up on your test results a week after your test: should there be any serious abnormality you will be contacted by us promptly
  • Follow up on a referral made if you have not heard back within the timescale advised
  • Report to the receptionist or use the automated patient check-in on the wall facing the front entrance, on arrival for your appointment
  • Bear with us if there is a delay – this is likely to be due to another patient needing additional time or an emergency: we will try to keep you informed of anticipated delays
  • Use our service responsibly and do not expect immediate treatment for non-urgent/routine conditions
  • Utilise the services of other professional surgery staff – the GP is not necessarily the most appropriate clinician to see
  • Use other avenues of help – Pharmacy, NHS Choices, Patient Online where appropriate
  • Allow sufficient time for processing repeat prescription requests and do not pressure staff to process unauthorised medication requests
  • Keep us informed of any name, address and telephone number changes
  • Treat us with respect, we will not tolerate verbal or physical abuse