Covid vaccine delivery programme

Chapeltown practices are getting ready to deliver the Covid-19 vaccination. 

Click here for information about who is eligible for a covid vaccine now, and how to book

Covid vaccine clinic date changes 

Page updated: 21st January 2021, Midday 

Our covid vaccine centre at Woodhouse Medical Practice is successfully up and running: we have had 5 days of clinics so far this month plus an extra one because of the snow! But nothing has put us off and we are now booking for the 28th and 29th January 2021. 

We are now booking two groups for their Covid vaccines 

  1. Everyone age 70 or over  
  1. People whose condition makes them Clinically Extremely Vulnerable (formerly known as shielding), according to our records  

This applies only to patients registered at practices within Chapeltown Primary care Network (Allerton and Westfield Medical Centres, Chapeltown Family Surgery, St Martins Practice and Westfield Medical Practice). If you are registered elsewhere then please look at the website of your own GP practice for information about who they are boking. 

If you have a mobile number on our record, then we have sent you a texted with a link to book. If you have received this message, then please to use it to book: it is straightforward, and no login is required. If you received your text a few weeks ago then the link will still work to book into the future dates. 

If you are in the 2 groups mentioned above, and do not have a mobile number on your record or the link does not work then please contact us to book on 0113 240 7000. 

If you do NOT fall into the 2 groups mentioned, then we will contact you when we are able to book your and please check our website for more information about when you will be called. And we would ask for your support to pass this message to any friends or family who fall into he 2 groups mentioned. A higher vaccine uptake keeps our community safer for everyone.  

Thank you for your support 

Our staff have been redeployed to support the vaccine effort from the clinical, support and management teams. This is leaving us shorter staffed than usual on the front line and so some things may take longer than usual, and longer than we would like.  Thank you for your understanding. 

We have received so much positive and grateful feedback from patients and the community about what we are doing. Thank-you, it is very heartening for our staff   

Change in time period between 1st and 2nd vaccine 

The Pfizer vaccine requires two doses. Today we were informed to book the 2nd dose appointment around 12 weeks after the 1st dose appointment. This is a change outside of our control: previously we were told to book the 2nd dose just 3 weeks after the 1st dose appointment. This is why the 2nd dose appointments set out below have been moved on by more than just a few days. 


This has been a national policy change so that more people receive their 1st dose, and immunity, more quickly. The 1st dose of vaccine gives 12 weeks immunity. There is more information on the nhs.uk website here. 


People who attended at Woodhouse for their first dose between 4th and 7th January 2021, were given a second dose date in late January. These dates were subsequently changed to late March (see table below). We will be in touch to confirm this oncwe have been told the delivery dates  

This has been a national policy change so that more people receive their 1st dose, and immunity, more quickly. The 1st dose of vaccine gives 12 weeks immunity. There is more information on the nhs.uk website here.  


Old date – 2nd dose appointment 

New date – 2nd dose appointment 

Tue 26th Jan 2021  

Sat 27th Mar 2021  

Wed 27th Jan 2021  

Sun 28th Mar 2021  

Thur 28th Jan 2021  

Mon 29th Mar 2021  

All appointment times stay the same, unless you are contacted directly by phone. It is only  



If you have any queries about your appointment date or time, please call us and press 0 when you hear the recorded message to be transferred to the booking office. 

See you at your appointment, thank you for your understanding and support at this challenging time. We wish you a better 2021! 

Click here for information about who is eligible and how to book


Old date – 1st dose appointment 

New date – 1st dose appointment 

Mon 4th Jan 2021 

Fri 8th Jan 2021 

Tue 5th Jan 2021 

Sat 9th Jan 2021 

Wed 6th Jan 2021 

Sun 10th Jan 2021 

Thur 7th Jan 2021 

Mon 11th Jan 2021 

Old date – 2nd dose appointment 

New date – 2nd dose appointment 

Tue 26th Jan 2021 

Sat 27th Mar 2021 

Wed 27th Jan 2021 

Sun 28th Mar 2021 

Thur 28th Jan 2021 

Mon 29th Mar 2021 

All appointment times stay the same, unless you are contacted directly by phone. It is only the date that has changed. 




We are open

In view of coronavirus, we have changed our appointment system significantly and are working mostly on the phone / by video. We remain open and would ask you please contact us by phone. Prescriptions should be ordered online. Do not visit the practice unless you have been asked to do so by one of our team.

We are maintaining strict social distancing to keep everyone safer, so please so contact us by phone. If you are unable to use the phone for any reason then please contact to us to make other arrangements, using the Contact Us form on this website.

  • If you have symptoms of Covid19 then you must stay at home and also get tested straight away. Read more here.
  • If you have recently travelled here from certain countries abroad then you must quarantine which means you cannot leave your home: more information here.
  • If you are contacted by NHS Test and Trace then you must stay at home. Read more here.

Our appointment system now

In these challenging times we need your help.

At St Martins we offer a variety of appts with a variety of health professionals.

At present there is high demand for GP appointments. Please consider booking with another health professional if appropriate for example our physiotherapist, pharmacist or Healthy Minds team. 

If you feel you need to see a GP/ACP we offer:

  • Same day service if you are acutely unwell (this means that the issue has come on in the last few days – or got much worse - in the last few days or may quickly get more serious). Please only ask for same day service if you are acutely unwell. The same day service is not a shortcut to a quicker routine appointment because at present we are having up to 60 “same day service” calls per day which means the doctor will only have time to deal with the most pressing aspects of your care on that same day.


  • Routine prebookable appointments for issues which do not meet the above criteria. In routine appointments there is more time to go into your issue in depth

If you ask for a same day appt our PST will be asking if you are acutely unwell / if your issue has come on or got much worse in the past few days. If the doctor feels you do not meet these criteria for the same day service then they will ask you to book a routine appt.

We are aware the wait for a routine appointment is longer then we or you would like. We are sorry that this is the case. The whole team is working hard and under sustained pressure. Incoming demand is higher than average even for the autumn (which is a busy time in any year) plus there is a backlog of demand from the summer. So, in the context of the pandemic we feel we have to work differently: we feel we need to accept that there is a longer wait for routine appointments at the moment.

Speaking to a GP today

Some patients with routine issues are now asking to be seen in our same day service instead. However, our same day service is for unwell patients with acute matters only.

Please call before 11am for our same day service, which is for unwell patients with acute matters only. “Acute” means that you are unwell and that your issue has got significantly worse in the last few days, or may get significantly worse in the next few days. Our same day service is not a quicker alternative to a routine appointment. The GP doing the same day service routinely now has over 50 patients to speak to each morning so is only able to deal with their acute issue.

After 11am our same day service is for people who are so unwell that the GP may need to admit them for hospital treatement.


Routine appointments – on the phone

If the reason for your appointment is a routine one, please book a routine appointment and in this way you will get the necessary time to deal with it fully.

NEW! We have introduced eConsult – see above– please complete the online form then it will be seen by a GP and we will respond by the end of the following working day. We may respond by phone call or text or by booking you an appropriate appointment.

We have routine appointments available to book, they are all telephone appointments. We may ask you to send in photos, or to take part in a video consultation. The other services we can signpost you to, such as physiotherapy, Linking Leeds, Healthy Minds – are all open and are operating by phone (see Services tab). 

Face to face appointments

We are booking a few face to face appointments – see below. Please be assured that the practice is a low-risk environment. We maintain stringent cleanliness and 2 metre social distancing. With only a few people coming in to the building, there is plenty of space to spread out. PPE is worn for all face to face appointments. All pre-bookable face to face appointments are being seen on the 2nd floor.

We encourage you to support the Government advice to wear a face covering in public places. There is more information, including how to make your own cheaply, here.

We are booking face to face appointments only for childhood immunisations, smear tests, blood tests (as requested by a GP or for medication monitoring), certain injections such as B12 when authorised by the GP, ear syringing, annual review of long-term conditions (Birthday Month reviews), and others who have already spoken to a GP by phone.

If you have symptoms of Covid19 then you must stay at home and not attend your appointment. Read more here.

Do I need to wear a face covering at the practice?

The public is advised to wear face coverings in enclosed public spaces such as shops and doctor surgeries. Read about it here. We encourage people to wear a face covering. 

Click here for Government guidance about how to make & wear a face covering

Testing for Covid

If you have covid symptoms then you must get tested. Covid symptoms are a high temperature, a new continuous cough, a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste. There is no need to get a test if you have other symptoms. You can also get a free test if you have been asked to do so by local councils or by a healthcare provider.

Click here to go through to gov.uk website to arrange a test. If you do not have internet access then call 119. If there are no tests currently available then try again a few hours later. The same tests are available online as by phone: if no tests are available online then none will be available via 119 either.

If you want a test in order to travel to another country, then you should pay for one privately.


Sorry, but we cannot advise on any aspect of testing, we cannot help you get a test more quickly or more locally. The system works completely separately from general practice. The results are sent to you directly.

You Tube video on how to do home test.

Looking after yourself

Covid19 - your mental health & wellbeing

The coronavirus (COVID19) outbreak is having an impact on everyone’s daily lives.

During this time, you may be bored, frustrated or lonely. You may also feel low, worried, anxious, or be concerned about your health or that of those close to you. Everyone reacts differently to events and changes in the way that we think, feel and behave vary between different people and over time. It’s important that you take care of your mind as well as your body and to get further support if you need it.

The Government has published advice for us all about how to look after ourselves at this very difficult time. Read it here.


We find Mindwell useful: it is an information hub with the latest information and resources to help people in Leeds take care of their mental health at this time.

MindMate is a trusted Leeds-based website specifically for to support children and young people with their mental health, their families and the professionals who support them.

ActiveLeeds - To help support everyone at home, Leeds Council has online resources for all ages, including home workout tutorials, guidance and information, and fun challenges to try at home.


If you care for someone, then this time can be particularly difficult. The Government has made some guidance for carers which is here.

Carers UK has also got lots of useful help and resources here.

In Leeds, if you need practical help such as shopping or medicines, then please call Doing Good Leeds on 0113  378 1877.

Welcome to Chapeltown Family Surgery

Welcome to our surgery website where we hope you will quickly benefit from a user friendly layout and a wealth of information about our healthcare services. Find out when we’re open and what to do when we’re not, all from the comfort of your own home.

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COVID-19 Vaccine

You will have seen on the news that the NHS is preparing to roll out a vaccination programme for COVID-19. At this stage we only have one approved vaccine. The remaining vaccines are currently going through a strict process of clinical trials and safety checks.

Your GP practice is working with other NHS providers, and our healthcare partners, so that we are ready to offer the vaccine as soon as it becomes available to us in Leeds. Vaccines will be offered from several different locations in Leeds to make sure everyone who needs a vaccine is able to get one.

We will share these details with our patients as soon as we know.

Please could we kindly ask you to avoid calling the practice for information about the vaccine as we cannot provide any further details or book anyone in for an appointment to receive a vaccine. We are experiencing high call volumes currently, calling for the vaccine may stop someone who needs urgent medical help getting through to us.

For more information on who is eligible and how to book please CLICK HERE

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